Glamping Project in, near Madrid

High level snapshot of the glamping investment facilities:
Opened 1976
Remodelled 2006
Size 300,000 m2
Bungalows 54
PRICE 30,000,000€
Farms for events 3

Characteristics and location of the project

The purpose of the project has been to remodel and expand the facilities of a glamping complex located in the municipality of Arganda del Rey.  At kilometre 2.5 of the Chinchón highway. The complex has a municipal opening license dated December 7, 1979 and authorisation to open tourism activities from the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism dated March 10, 1980. It has an area of approximately 300,000 m2.  The campsite was in operation before the remodelling.  According to the report of the Environmental Inspection Area, the current owners bought the company Camping Lagos Coto Cisneros, SA in 2006 and undertook remodelling, adaptation and improvement works to modernise the campsite.

Description of the Activity

The activity for which this report is written is based on the facilities of a hotel complex, with the pertinent activities related to these, and necessary for the proper development of the activity, such as restaurant, bungalows, farms for events, swimming pool, paddle, etc.  In the following sections, all the facilities of the complex are described in detail, indicating their surface, uses, location and date of construction.[


It consists of 54 Bungalows of 7 different styles intended for the stay of people on a rental basis.


Accommodation Dimensions

Prefabricated in tropical wood, consisting of a floor structure in wooden beams and wooden pillars, an exterior cladding in tongue and groove wood, totally watertight to air and water, wooden flooring, and a gabled roof made of Identical characteristics, with an interior view of the board and a ceramic tile covering on battens. With different dimensions and capacities.

Stay 42.44m2
Porch 18.40m2
Total useful area 60.84m2
Total built area 68.00m2
Parking area 16,64m2


Stay 34.23m2
Porch 16.71m2
Total useful area 50.94m2
Total built area 56.82m2
Parking area 15.77m2


Stay 25.94m2
Porch 4.93m2
Total useful area 30.87m2
Total built area 35.58m2


Bungalows 2,748.06m2
Attached parking areas 711.28m2
Total useful area 3,459.34m2


20 Bungalows type A 2,56m2
24 bungalows type B 2,56m2
24 Bungalows type C 2,56m2

Bungalow Capacity

Their is an access road to the Complex, and you can access each bungalow within the complex via internal routes for vehicles.

Bungalow capacity is calculated as follows  (Accommodation area, 1 Person / 20m2).

Stay area Bungalows type A 42.44m2 2 + 2 People
Stay area Bungalows type B 34.23m2 2 + 1 People
Stay area Bungalows type C 25.94m2 2 people


Evacuation routes are considered null, as they count from the doors of the Bungalows themselves to the open common areas of the Complex.

Swimming Pool

This business unit has a licenced communal pool.

The pool is constructed in accordance with the provisions of the Regulatory Order of the Hygienic-Sanitary conditions of public swimming pools, published in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid on May 27, 1998.

The pool area is located in the common central area of the Complex, next to the Bungalows.

To delimit the pool area, a perimeter fence has been created, which will have a minimum height of 1.20 meters, with entrance access to the pool area through a footbath with two showers.

Said entrance footbath will be located in the bathing area and will have a depth of not less than 0.10m, its length will be 2 meters and its width enough not to be avoided, and it will also have a drainage system.

The purification room is located on the basement floor within the pool area itself, and is accessed via stairs protected by a perimeter fence.

The pool is built in three sections. The first one has a maximum depth of 1.20 m, which will increase to 1.40 m with a maximum slope of 6%, along a length of 8.28m. The second section is developed from this point and with a 20% slope, reaching the maximum depth of 2.10 m at a distance of 6.58 m from the point of origin of this second section.

The pool area will be equipped with six showers, in addition to those present in the foot bath, depending on the provisions of Article 12 of the Hygienic-Sanitary Conditions of the Community of Madrid, which requires a minimum provision of two showers and which will be seen increased by one unit for every 20 m of perimeter.

Pool Dimensions

Length 35m.   Max. height   2.10m.
Width 20.00m.   Average height   1.46m.
Area 35 * 20 = 700 m2.   Water volume   1,022m3.
Minimum height 1.00m.   Perimeter   110.00m.


In accordance with the provisions of Article 36 of the Decree that regulates hygienic sanitary, technical and safety conditions of swimming pools for collective use in the Community of Madrid, the maximum capacity of the pool is 350 bathers, which is stipulated on a sign next to the pool.

The pool has a first-aid kit located in a visible and signposted place, next to the lifeguard.

Bar Restaurant


Where consumers are served food and drinks made on the premises, in addition to what is specified, any other service that is complementary or not to the above, such as company events, weddings, communions, etc.

Cellar 49.50m2
Living room 152.26m2
Total useful floor area 201.76m2
Total floor area 227.00m2


Cut winds 6.00m2
Bar cofee shop 92.94m2
Bar 18.42m2
Bar service 8.77m2
Cameras 29.30m2
Goods receipt 23.83m2
C. Garbage 9.86m2
Kitchen dealer 18.10m2
Warehouse 18.70m2
Distributor 58.62m2
Kitchen 128.30m2
Dinning room 96.57m2
Toilet core 30.60m2
Releases 7.50m2
Total useful area pta. 553.52m2
Total built area 647.85m2


The entire building is located around one of the natural lakes that the complex has. With its corresponding views, and the living room below with its own jetty.

Reception & Office


Reception 46.26m2
Office 1 13.06m2
Office 2 13.06m2
Office 3 13.61m2
Office 4 13.61m2
Meeting room 11.30m2
Distributor 10.75m2
Toilets 10.60m2
Total useful area Pta 132.25m2
Total constructed area Pta 142.00m2

Farms for Events

Olivos Lounge: 426.47m2

Bamboo Lounge: 334.43m2


Holly Room: 579.00m2

Each and every one of the farms has landscaped, individual and private areas.

We also have a private and landscaped outdoor area for the celebration of civil ceremonies, with a wooden chapel for the celebration of religious weddings, with the possibility also of celebrating the latter in the outdoor gardens.

Features that compliment each activity

  • Your own access to each farm from the road, with an area of 10m2, until you access the Complex
  • Area for "Camping" with 56 divided pitches and with all the necessary corresponding In this area there are also areas of toilets, showers, laundry rooms, and supermarket in order to cover each and every one of the clients' needs.
  • The complex's own Laundry
  • Various warehouses.
  • Locker room for workers, with their own lockers and showers to cover all the needs of the staff of the Complex.
  • External kitchens, destined for events, with an area of 511m2.  Which have independent exits to each tent to facilitate the work and personalise it in the best possible way.
  • Within the Complex there are two lagoons with approximate surfaces 78,554m2 and 988m2, with various options for possible exploitation, such as fishing, water sports activities, spa on the lake, etc.


The space occupied by the facilities is located within the Southeast Regional Park, specifically in its E zone with an agricultural, forestry, recreational, educational and / or environmental and / or special use destination. Also, the plot is adjacent to the Lagunas de las Madres.

In the last year, a piece of land annexed to the complex has been acquired (Orange part of the attached document), with a large enough area to carry out a project in the first instance of sports.

Future Projection

One of the main short-term objectives is based on the expansion of another 50 Bungalows, of which the entire urbanisation phase is already underway, such as the installation of electricity, water, sewage, streets, etc. Since on numerous occasions the Complex is complete.

Regarding the business unit belonging to events, the construction of a farm with a tent with greater capacity than the rest of those that we have will be developed. This construction should have a capacity of around 1,000 people, since there are events that require these volumes of people in the same place. And on certain occasions according to needs, that it is divisible to carry out smaller events, and in turn with the same characteristics as the rest of the farms; individual and private gardens, own toilets, kitchen, office, etc.

Thanks to the natural lake that the complex has, numerous exploitation possibilities are expanded, such as lina shooting, water ski cables and in turn equip it with more boats and activities without a motor to make it more attractive and make it more profitable.

In the upper part of the lake there would be the possibility of building a spa, with views of the lake and thus increasing customer services. As well as increasing occupation in the winter periods.

In the recently acquired land, the intention is to occupy them with sports and motor activities, such as go-cart tracks, driving schools, training place in winter periods for motor professionals, golf, etc.


Madrid, Madrid, Spain