Plot for a Vineyard in Sencelles

Size 2.1452 Ha
Building licence  3% of land + 1% pools & terraces
PRICE 230,000€


The substantial plot in Sencelles is flat, there is a water source nearby and the soil in the area is proven to produce high quality grapes, so this is an ideal plot for a vineyard.

In addition if you wanted to live on the farm it has great views of the tramontana mountains.  Furthermore, the location offers easy access, between Inca and Sencelles.   Sencelles is actually the most central point of the island.  It is equidistant and a short ride to all four corners of the island, while also being in the most peaceful tranquil location.

Finally, this is land owned by a 20 year established vineyard in the area.  So the investment comes with the option to take advantage of the vineyard's experience, the vineyard's equipment, staff and their own bodega, so they can take care of fermentation, bottling and everything for you, if you like.


Sencelles, Balearic Islands, Spain