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The founders have a passion for Italian style, build quality and performance.  Their joint experience leaves them highly skilled, experienced and qualified to provide a full lifecycle service from design through architecture, engineering and construction. They're breeding comes through education, passion and experience working with  premier yards such as Azimut, San Lorenzo, Overmarine, Rossinavi, Overmarine, and important design offices such as J&J Design.  So Mike Oliver Yacht design have industry leading skills working with all shipyard construction materials.

Mike Oliver Yacht Design take a very client focused approach end-to-end, with each ship being custom built.  They say the journey of the build is a once in a lifetime experience in itself, which they will guide you through.  They refer to the customer as “the principal character of the opera”

Leaders in construction using all materials and Pioneers of Patented Titanium Construction

The innovation of titanium construction makes them unique however, Mike Oliver Yacht Design have decades of experience working with premier shipyards using all materials depending on requirement and budget so consultation is of course core to the process of buying a Mike Oliver Yacht and selecting the best materials, design and features for you.

The benefits of Titanium

Mike Oliver Yacht Design are bringing a game changing construction material to the market with the patented (attached to view in more detailed spec on the right) use of titanium in yacht construction sets them aside as innovators and adds another line item to the menu, giving you a broader choice to ensure you choose the very best material for you and your yacht.  Titanium is a revolutionary development in shipbuilding and here are the benefits it offers:

  • Titanium as a material is 50-60% lighter than steel with equal strength, so less fuel required.
  • Titanium has a 3 times higher elasticity coefficient, giving the ship more stability in the water.
  • Titanium is an excellent thermal insulator which again makes the ship more energy efficient
  • Titanium is 100% recyclable
  • Titanium is stable, there is no oxidation, so it can stay in water without needing any paint or antifouling. This results in the first raw metal design wordlwide
  • Titanium is therefore ecogreen from all points of view.
  • The finish can be shiny or matte as with modern supercars.

Complete exclusivity

Another unique feature is customising the visual and tactile effects that titanium can have. Identity and individual style of your yacht is the future.  Mike Oliver Yacht Design can leverage the properties of Titanium to reflect the individual identity you want for your yacht.  This can be as subtle or extreme as you like the only limitation is your imagination.  Take a look at the examples to the left, just to see how extreme this can be. This is called texting.  Demonstration material can be provided on request.

Titanium can also be anodized and theoretically assume different colours based on the voltage to which it is subjected.  Click on the image to the left for the colour palette. Demonstration material can be provided on request.

More examples along with the colour palette are attached for you to view under 'more detailed spec' on the right.

Example design of a 60m Tri-deck Megayacht

General arrangement attached under 'More detailed Spec' to the right


The founders have combined high school graduation and University degrees in nautical business, construction, architecture and engineering.

Both have solid yachting backgrounds and tenure working with premier names such as:  Azimut, San Lorenzo, Overmarine, Rossinavi, Overmarine, and important design offices such as J&J Design.

This partnership prides itself on innovation and one industry leading development they are pioneering is the use of Titanium in shipbuilding.  They spent collective time researching important names in metal industry, such as Tag, Titalia, Titanium and collaborating in R&D projects financed by Italian state, related to this material.

In Nov 2019 the Italian minister of development approved a patent for the idea of making a boat that has got as external and visible layer… titanium. This patent will be soon extended to the whole of the EU.  So, these builders are true pioneers.

More example designs:

    • Watch 40m Sports Fly Video under 'more detailed spec' on the right of this page
    • Review the General Arrangement of the 40m Sports Fly  under 'more detailed spec' on the right of this page
    • Watch M/Y Suez:  a 24m Explorer under more detailed spec on the right of this page.
    • Review the General Arrangement of the 24m Explorer under 'more details spec' on the right of this page

Government funded project

As a result of proposing titanium construction through an association chaired by the president of confindustria nautica, the Tuscany Region of Italy delegated by the Italian Government will fund the project for the development of a 6-meter tender, this was awarded as part of Italies efforts to make shipbuilding more environmentally friendly.

M/Y PANAMA: a 23.9m Explorer example design by Mike Oliver Yacht Design

General Arrangement attached under 'more detailed spec' on the right of this page.